About our firm

We are proud to be one of the first Green Building firms in Israel, established in 2002, and we remain one of the country’s leading firms. As such, our activities span a number of areas: Green Building Consulting for 5281- the Israeli Standard, International LEED Consulting, Shading Simulation and Solar Surveys, Wind Simulation with Urbawind software, Architectural consulting and planning for private homes and villas and Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Expansions.


“Harnessing the profession for an environmental-social purpose, A significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment, climate planning that ensures excellent thermal and climate performance, All the above achieved within in a medium to low budget. “


Dozens of private homes designed by our office all over the country already enjoy natural light and ventilation, excellent energy function, and home warmth due to proper design and natural materials that do not harm the residents or the environment. Dozens of public buildings and hundreds of housing units in different projects have been certified by us according to Israeli and international green building standards. Immediate benefit to the tenant: significant immediate energy savings in the pocket, improved air quality and safe and healthy materials.

Michal Vital-Baron

One of the industry leaders in the field of Ecological Architecture and Green Building in Israel over the past 15 years.

  • Born in 1963, proud mother of three.
  • Graduate of the first Green Building course at the Israeli Construction Center – 2002.
  • Graduate of the three-year track of architecture and interior design at Ort Hermelin College of Engineering in Netanya, Diploma in Interior Design and Architecture
  • Graduate of the first Green Building course at the Israeli Construction Center – 2002.
  • Senior Fellow, Environmental Fellowship Program, Heschel Center for Environmental Thinking and Leadership.
  • Certified Teacher of Permaculture course – under the direction of Talia Schneider.
  • The Standards Institution of Israel, certified consultant for all building projects under the Israeli Standard 5281 for Sustainable Construction & Green Building.
  • LEED Green Rater, LEED Green Associate

For seven years, until the end of 2004, Michal worked as chief designer and project manager for Edith Baron Architects” in Tel Aviv, specializing in the design of hotels, public buildings and luxury housing. Michal led work teams to design tens of thousands of m2 of hotel properties both interior and exterior.

At the same time, she served as Coordinator of Architecture at Bustan for Peace, a grassroots environmental NGO in Israel. Bustan for Peace promotes social and ecological issues such as organic agriculture, water recycling and green building, while creating ties and collaborations with disadvantaged and / or peripheral communities in Israeli society. Especially focusing on the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev desert region in Southern Israel.



Michal Vital-Baron

CEO, Owner

Green Building Consultant


Neta Kaufman

Green Building Consultant

Architectural Engineer


Yael Bar Ilan

Green Building Consultant

   MA in Environmental Studies

Ben Gurion University of the Negev


Maor Bar

Green Building Consultant

Construction Engineer


Stephanie Kaufman

LEED Green Building Consultant, LEED GA  

 BS in Economics, Boston University

     MA in Environmental Studies

  Porter School, Tel Aviv University


Orit Jorno

Office Manager Graduate of

Economic Studies